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The series is specially designed for students from absolute beginner to proficiency level. Each book consists of five modules and provides systematic preparation in all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - required at these levels. The Student´s Book and the Workbook are designed to be covered in approximately 100 to 120 hours of classroom work.
The Workbooks for Upstream each comprise ten themed units with a variety of realistic and challenging tasks and exercises divided into clear sections for Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening & Speaking and Writing as well as tapescripts of all the Listening exercises.
Each Workbook consists of two parts. Part A contains Vocabulary, Grammar, Communication, Reading, Listening and Writing sections with a variety of motivating tasks and useful exercises. Part B is a complete grammar supplement, containing a clear presentation of theory and systematic practice of the grammar dealt within the course.
The Teacher´s Books for the Student´s Books contain step-by-step teaching notes, extra ideas for optional activities, a full key to the exercises in the Student´s Books and tapescripts of the listening exercises. The Teacher´s Books for the Workbooks contain overprinted answers on the relevant pages of the Student´s Workbooks.
The Test Booklets contain photocopiable assessment tests as well as a mid-year and exit test allowing teachers to assess students´ progress throughout the course.
Key Features
• theme-based units from a wide variety of sources
• a variety of cross-cultural and cross-curricular topics
• systematic development of all four language skills through realistic challenging tasks which encourage the learner´s personal engagement
• lexical exercises practising and activating all essential vocabulary including collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, word formation and everyday English
• a variety of authentic stimulating reading and listening tasks
• grammar sections covering all major grammatical areas plus a Grammar Reference Section
• composition analysis and practice on all types of writing with full models
• a wide range of speaking activities
• Culture Clips
• Literature pages

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